Sequin affair

Sequin affair


Smoking Gun: Halle Berry Obtains Proof Ex Bleaching Daughter’s Hair


halle-berryHalle Berry’s custody battle just got a bit messier. The Academy-Award winning star claims to have proof her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and father to daughter, Nahla 6, has violated the judge’s ruling not to lighten and straighten her hair.  The actress who’s in a bitter custody battle with Aubry, went to court and accused him of trying to make the little girl appear white by changing her hair color and texture. TMZ is reporting Berry got the goods on Aubry when she produced to the court documents from a forensic consulting lab proving he is still trying to alter Nahla’s hair.

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According to the site, Berry pulled a move straight of out CSI, by giving the company a brush containing strands of Nahla’s hair to analyze. The company findings concluded Nahala’s hair was still be treated with…

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